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Ensemble Percanta

An original staging together with a mix of music, songs, poems, dance and sketches make the performances of the group PERCANTA really amazing. The group presents a quite unusual version of tango from the female point of view. Demanding, but at the same time very entertaining! Watch our video!

Concept, staging, musical arrangements and guitar: Adriana Balboa /
violin: Claudia Mailahn/
vocalists: Inés Villanueva, Florencia Bernales

something to hear
live 2005

Listen to my arrangements of:


Milonga de la Anunciación

Duo with Voice

Together with the messo-sopran Lloica Czackis from Argentina we presented in London, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Dresden the programm “Music of the pampas” including classical Songs with a strong folkloric influence by Alberto Ginastera and Carlos Guastavino. Although both composers opt for the piano accompaniment, they imitate many guitar sounds. For this reason I’ve arranged the piano parts for guitar.

Listen to "Severa Villafane" by C.Guastavino

Listen to my arrangement of "Triste" by A.Ginastera

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