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Duo with Flute/Violine

Since 1991 and every time we manage to arrange a concert together in Uruguay I play with the exeptional flutist Ana Apotheloz.

Katrin Pluemer

To watch the VIDEO from or concert by Spandauer-Gitarrenfest, click here!

From 2002 to 2005 I play together with the violinist Claudia Mailahn a southamerican program with an emphasis on Tango music. Listen to my arrangemet of Piazzollas"Escualo"

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Ana Apotheloz

DUO MELANGE BERLIN: whith the flutist Katrin Plümer we work on contemporary music programs. Our work 2011 "South America meets Balcan" is a fussion of two different music-cultures, both melting pots from contrasting facets because of the many inflowing styles in each of them. Native, european and afro sources flow together in the music from south America. On the oder side the Balcan region is a crossroad of east and west civilisations with a very special gipsy touch.

You can hear my Charango playing in "Naranjitay"

Guitar Quartett

From 1997 to 2002, I was a member of the guitar quartet, Cuarteto Latinoamericano, together with José Vítores, René Toriello, Virginia Yepp (till 1999) Pablo García (1999-2000) and Nora Buschmann (2001-2002). We specialized in traditional South American music, but we also played pieces by contemporary composers such as P.Bellinatti, A.Piazzolla and J.Vítores.

Listen to our quartett version of "Muerte del ángel" by A.Piazzolla

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Duo with Voice

Together with the messo-sopran Lloica Czackis from Argentina we presented in London, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Dresden the programm “Music of the pampas” including classical Songs with a strong folkloric influence by Alberto Ginastera and Carlos Guastavino. Although both composers opt for the piano accompaniment, they imitate many guitar sounds. For this reason I’ve arranged the piano parts for guitar.

Listen to "Severa Villafane" by C.Guastavino

Listen to my arrangement of "Triste" by A.Ginastera

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